Monday, February 28, 2011


There's no denying that Lady Gaga is a huge inspiration for many people, mainly her fans. While I like some of her songs, I don't consider myself a solid Gaga Fan or supporter. Upon hearing this song I thought the lyrics were fantastic and I must say I really get that love for every single one of us, despite our differences inside or out. It's an amazing message that I totally I hope gets carried out to the people who have their insecurities about others and even themselves. We were born the people we are, and we shouldn't change for anyone.

So anyways, this is my acoustic rendition! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2nd Guessing

Ever plan on something or start thinking, and almost immediately you start questioning yourself or try to talk yourself out of it?

Nobody wants to make a mistake, or even take a risk this days but to be honest its the ones who have who get so much more in life or to say.

I believe I'm a risk taker, but I also think I should go out on a limb a little more. I think I'm the only person who holds myself back from anything, and if there's something that I can change about myself it is just that.

I'm a go-getter, so imma go'N'get.



Go away, Winter.


Too early for a bit of leg? Totally, but I'm dying for this winter wonderland to take a hike and warmth to roll in. Is my superintendent deliberately turning down the heat?! It's -15 degrees outside and I'd say about 0 inside. Not cool, lady!

I'm currently awaiting this Lawrence Kazar jacket from Ebay, and it's about the 2nd time this lady has had to send it to me since being returned to her. Either sender incompetence, or post office incompetence. I want my jacket! Unfortunately, no amount of kicking or screaming will get me such thing. Only patience.

Still waiting........