Friday, December 17, 2010

'Tis the season...

I began this blog as an outlet for my inner fashion demons, to showcase personal style, affordable fashion and art/music. All this form of outlet became solely that, which I hadn't realized before. Whether 5 people read it or 1000, I really just want to rant. Be it fashion, be it this crazy world or the fact that I burnt my tongue on a scalding hot coffee... I just want to rant. Why? Because I don't care if you have a Platinum American Express or work 3 jobs to pay for your wardrobe or rent, I don't care if you care what I wore yesterday... point is we can all relate on some level or another.

On that note, here I am. The moment in question.

My rant?

As a student, mother, daughter, sister, lover and friend I have a world of support around me. Trés lucky for it to be so, too! It's tough to be a full-time student, unable to work (full-time, anyhow) and racking up a student loan that seems almost impossible to pay back come the time. How do people do it when there aren't any guarantees in life? I think having the support is the only fight I have against it all, for it gives me the confident energy that "Yes! I can do it!" attitude that people need to persevere. I believe I can do it, too!

But when all of a sudden, the clouds roll in and someone rains on your persevering parade and says, "But this will happen, what will you do? Oh, and this will happen, too... what will you do then?" What do I say to this negative energy? I'm not saying I want to ignore the possible obstacles to come. I'm saying, despite those obstacles, I know what I have to do. I cannot predict the future any more than you can, but there's no sense in being pessimistic about it.

I may not be at the same address in years from now, have the exact same interests or wear the same clothing... but I cannot change myself and if I'm an optimistic person by nature who chooses not to worry for every worry, then THAT'S ME!

Rant. Over.

Monday, August 30, 2010

.love .love .rachel .rachel .roy


To have this option is the epitome of function and fashion at it's best.
Not to be picky, though, I'd prefer a strapless option instead with the style of this dress. Otherwise, HOT!
Cow print? No thanks.
Cow print trench in tan and brown? Sure.
Convertible cow print trench in tan and brown with 2 optional cropped lengths? Yes, please!
I never thought I'd see a combo like this look chic, but I reeeeeaaalllly want it!


So how do we make it from warm, to cool, to cold, to freezing? Shearling and leather perhaps.
This design with the immensely oversized collar is a winner.
Not a fan of shearling and once again... WANT!


You can usually foresee the kinds of styles that come back around during the Fall/Winter seasons. I'm quite pleased with these ones that are simply gorgeous!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


What's so great to do on a free evening with a great friend? Eat sushi! Among various other things, of course (including perusing and ultimately giving into the makeup section at Shopper's Drugmart *grrrrr!).

Some things I've noticed eating at many a sushi joints in my lifetime thus far:

1. Soy Sauce dishes should be slightly bigger and/or deeper to avoid spillage or sprayage after droppage.

2. When things like "Dragon Roll" or "Spider Roll" are on the menu, and furthermore arrive looking just like such... expect someone to play with their food. It's almost provoking it, c'mon!

3. Do NOT wear white. If you do, you are either a) brave b) dumb c) both d) a profesh on lunch e) hate that shirt.. or f) wearing someone else's shirt.

4. "All You Can Eat" doesn't mean you should do that. You risk losing all self respect and confidence upon exiting those doors. Sad but true.

5. Red Bean is officially the most underrated and misunderstood ice cream flavours I've come across in my life. No, it's NOT a can of beans dumped onto plain ice cream... you'd hafto be a retárd to consider that one.

6. Be nice to me, or I'll secretly switch that delicious Green Tea scoop with a wad of wasabi without your knowing. Teehee!

P.S. I'm not wearing white. It's peach. Sooooo doesn't count!

I am the walrus, coo coo kachoo!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

so long 9 to 5

As Fall slowly beings to rear it's ugly pretty head, my time working 9-5 is coming to an end and back to the books I go! Not only am I looking forward to it (education rocks!), but I'm going to bring my cam with me and I'll have some more free time to explore my interests. I'm excited to share this on my blog along with anything else I may discover along the way. To be honest, I'd rather be working away at my career right now and loving every minute... but it's a process and the ride is sure to be fun!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Like a Goddess

So, lucky me I get to end my summer off nicely with a trip to Austin, Texas for my cousin's Bat Mitzvah. Unlucky me? I'm not interested in the dressed I have hanging in my closet... not to mention it's boiling hot there this time of year (which ultimately becomes my own sales pitch to myself). My find? A One Shouldered Goddess Dress on the cheap from F21. It's loose yet flattering at the same time, feminine and fitting. The mauve colour is so beautiful. I'll most likely pair it with my nude heels.

Hope everyone is making the most of these next couple weeks! xo

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer lovin...


...happened so fast. How can it almost be over already? Is it just me, or is there a slight sense of Fall in the night air now? As much as I'm a summer person at heart and could probably move down south without blinking, I must say Fall is a great time of the year. Not because my birthday just so happens to be during the season, but esthetically its probably the most gorgeous one. The natural colours that mother nature itself, the coolness and breezes of the outdoors contrasted by warm indoors, the smell of herbs and spices, cinnamon and hot cocoa, pumpkin pie and potpourri and not to mention fall fashion. Before we get into that, though, I still want to enjoy what is left of this crazy summer of love.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

iamsupercarla featurette

Thanks to iamsupercarla for featuring my look as part of her corporate chic post on her blog! Dig all of those looks and totally agree on strict office dress codes. People need to live a little and either be imaginative or hire a stylist. You can still adhere to a strict dress code and be fashionable, too... not to mention, to hell with seasonal pieces and colours. Dress for yourself, the occasion and more importantly, the weather.

Monday, July 26, 2010

simplified sultry&sexy


Such an awesome pair of tights that it's actually not that easy to pair anything with it. How often are tights the main attraction? Especially at that height on the leg, the options are pretty much down to (errr... up to?) above the knee/mid-thigh. Short shorts or short dress/skirt? Last time I paired them with my leopard Zara shorts and it worked nicely. This is for a more chic, clean put together look. It would've look fab with stick straight hair but at this point it's a mission and a half. The only colour, which you can't see obv, is the blue accent lines on my platform booties.

Art Exposure

I've never really talked about the artform, nor even talked about the fact that I have any tattoos at that. I love it and what people have done with it (not a big fan of it all for myself, but I do admire those that like to express themselves so freely with body art in general). I prefer more discrete areas of my body for my tattoos and am now running out of places but still have a few more ideas/designs.

Where: Back of the neck.
What: A Jasmine flower and my daughter's name, Aliyah, in cursive hebrew.
Why: My daughter's name is Aliyah Yasmine. Yasmine = Jasmine

Where: Sides of my hip/thighs.
What: Quote,"Laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live."
Why: I believe in laughter as a cure for one's deepest darkest moments and loving all your life will save you from regret. Could be loving yourself or loving another.

Where: Hip/pelvic bone.
What: Simplified Aries ram symbol in between two cursive 4s.
Why: My mother is an Aries and her birthday is April 4th. We both believe 44 is our lucky number. Plus the symbol comes off as a V which is a perfect fit for my name, Valerie.

Where: Lower Back
What: Sun with moon and stars inside.
Why: This represents the balance between day and night. I'm a Libra and all about balance. I like symmetry, equality and stability (emotional, mental etc.).

fast lane


A fairly long time since my last post as life got quite busy for me, but I will not cease to keep this little part of me going. When life hits that fast forward button and things seem to start going all in the right direction, it's a tad difficult to stay in the same routine of things (for me, anyway).

Friday, July 9, 2010

shade parade

eBay done did it to me again. Nothing crazy, but still creepily whispered my name taunting me as I browsed through. And with PayPal, there's hardly any button pushing to complete a transaction and the feeling of remorse is far less when numbers aren't involved hah! I kid, these were such a bargain. I think I had a pair of silver aviators at one point, or maybe not... but I like them. I own a pair of gold Zara aviators that are killer, so (like with most of my gold jewelry) I must have equal in silver. It's not a weird habit or fixation. I'm just a balanced Libra like that. As for the tortoise shell? Wayfarers were already made too cool for school, so oversize 'em and take it up a notch? I think so! Totally unnecessary, but totally worth it and then some.

And just to kill it with love a tad more, I double clicked and landed on these puppies. Original size wayfarer in clear (don't think I'll be putting my prescription in) with yellow and black zebra print sides. Sassy!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

hot hot HEAT!


I think mother nature answered the prayers of everyone complaining about a cold summer... x 10! With the heat reaching 44celsius (w/ humidity) everyone is either seeking refuge in air conditioned facilities or melting outside in the sunny haze while (more than likely) cooling off with a pint or 5. Picking out clothes isn't an issue, it's picking out the least amount without looking like I should be at a beach. One of my saviours? This cute way to sport my old paisley print bandana as a sub for my regular headbands. Keeps the hair out of my face whether I have it up or down. Another get-up-and-go item is a summer dress. This is a one piece with an elastic waist to look like a top and skirt. The wide elastic makes it super comfy, complimenting to the figure and pockets for those who, well, like pockets? Shoes can go from sandals to heels, day to night... whatever the occasion.

Ok. Time to shut down the comp so it doesn't heat up my apt.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shoe Vixen: LumeDisco

Ever met someone with the most incredible shoe inventory? This girl who hails from Germany has just that and not only are they incredible... she's reinvented all the greatest styles by reupholstering, painting and overall customizing them. My fave? These platform sandals which were once completely that brown leather. This is utterly imaginative, funky and HOT!!!

You can find her HERE.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Wanna Make It

Too bad I don't get HBO, which is better than prime time television by far! How To Make It In America is my new favourite show and lucky for me is available streaming online, but for how long? And when is there going to be a second season?? If you or anyone you know knows the the answer to this, please inform me. This awesome track (with an even awesomer soundtrack per episode) is Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar. I wanna go to NYC! But I'll need several dollars for that one! Sponsors anyone?

Gettin' there...

Made Style Council on Chictopia so thanks to those who check out Chicblog and Bloggy :) I love being able to share these ideas, along with the other fashionistas! Fashion and social media has come such a long way... you'd think being bombarded with ideas and things being copied, reinvented or "reimagined" that there wouldn't be any more appeal... Totally not the case! It's about making yourself happy with what works for and speaks to you :) Plus, lookin cute ain't such a bad bonus :P


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Carrie Shoe Snag

If anyone has seen SATC2, then they must be completely aware of Carrie's La Loca Brian Atwood pumps! I got them at a steal on for, oh let's say 4% of the price of the actual designer pair! And they are exquisite... divine... georgeous... and comfy! I honestly did not care if they came in the mail and were a pain to walk around in, cause let's face it... for the right pair we'll sacrifice our feet for a night :)

So I put together a few looks, but first and foremost, my take on the
Carrie ensemble from the flick!

My 70's ensemble, complete with gold snake arm cuff, lace tee and wide legs trousers.

Aaaaaand a tad frenchie. Simple and sexy (minus my geektastic behaviour!)



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I was playin around and decided to bring it back a few years. I can't imagine how far Aaliyah would've gone
in Hip Hop/R&B had she not been taken away. I think "Are You That Somebody" was a pivotal moment in her career
and putting promiscuity into question. Timbaland, in his better days, was awesome then. Now I can't stand
his infectious unoriginal crap, but there was a time when he was real good. Anyhoo, this song takes me back before
high school... I can remember amongst al my collection of Seventeen magazines there was one with Aaliyah on the
cover in a yellow top and baggy jeans with her boxers waistband showing.
One thing is for sure, she rocked that style!

vintage vibe


Voila! So I'm very pleased with my little vintage purchase and even more pleased that I was able to find one of my own belts to go with it. What I love, though, is depending on my shoes, I could use a white belt to liven up the peachy colour of the dress. This style of dress, with the batwing short sleeve, is uber comfy. It's gonna be hard to resist finding more of these!

Monday, June 14, 2010

smurfin around


Loving this humid weather, and as much as it awakens the beast that is my hair, it's kinda changed it up a bit. At least, that's my only explanation... I've been asked if I permed it a half a dozen times already. I just hope that's a compliment! I'm used to it, and I'm pretty sure a bird could build its nest in there and I wouldn't have a clue. Just doing my part for the environment.