Wednesday, July 7, 2010

hot hot HEAT!


I think mother nature answered the prayers of everyone complaining about a cold summer... x 10! With the heat reaching 44celsius (w/ humidity) everyone is either seeking refuge in air conditioned facilities or melting outside in the sunny haze while (more than likely) cooling off with a pint or 5. Picking out clothes isn't an issue, it's picking out the least amount without looking like I should be at a beach. One of my saviours? This cute way to sport my old paisley print bandana as a sub for my regular headbands. Keeps the hair out of my face whether I have it up or down. Another get-up-and-go item is a summer dress. This is a one piece with an elastic waist to look like a top and skirt. The wide elastic makes it super comfy, complimenting to the figure and pockets for those who, well, like pockets? Shoes can go from sandals to heels, day to night... whatever the occasion.

Ok. Time to shut down the comp so it doesn't heat up my apt.


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