Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In Control

I've said it before, and I'll say it again because these words ring true to me everytime. The more I stand my ground, the more people prove me right for doing so. I won't explain it, but I'm sure if you were to do the same you'd figure it out :P

This Armani Exchange jacket in the pic (hard to see details) is the perfect in between jacket. It's a velvet with satin stripes going down the sleeves and stuff. I guess it would be the lovechild of a tuxedo jacket and a bomber jacket? I'm weird. Yes. I know. But this jacket? Love.

Expecting another Laurence Kazar vintage sequin jacket to be delivered soon :) Can't wait!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting back on the horse....

... so to speak! Onto 2nd sem next week, and I'm ready for it :)

As much as it's nice to be the level-headed individual that I am, I don't like when I'm used as a mediator between 2 people who are experiencing technical difficulties. Even more so when I'm cool as a cucumber sitting here, minding my own beeswax! Don't get me wrong... I love to help those in need. I love to educate people with the lesser stresses of life and how to go about it. And I love love love to make people smile, grin, giggle, chuckle or pee their pants laughing (not literally... that's gross). How can I achieve these goals in my own life if other people want to be a Bitter Betty... or a Pity-Party Peter?! I say forget about those little things. We can all take care of these little things!! But look at the bigger picture, and is a frown really that fuckin nice to look at? No. I'm above that! Life's too short to complain about the little things... some people don't even have enough little things TO complain about.
Be grateful for the life you are living and the things you have. There are people with next to nothing who know how to live better.
End Rant.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tommy Skirt

What a lovely mixed up week. Sun, rain, snow, clouds, mild, freezing.... But this skirt? I could think of spring and I'm warmed up in a second! I can't bear to look at depressing darks right now. I think if we all just dress like it's Spring, it comes

Current thought... I should reorganize my closet and drawers. Don't get me wrong, I am already organized, be it by colour, style or item. I'm just so limited in closet space that it would be nicer to see more of the things I own. My clothing storage becomes this abyss, or black hole for all things clothing. Either that or I should downsize my wardrobe. Ummmmmm. No.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

rain rain rain SUN

It's been a ride, but I feel like the harder I work and try it really pays off :) I guess there's some truth to what "they" say, whoever "they" are. First sem of school is coming to an end, and on I go through the summer! I'm actually, seriously, genuinely, sincerely excited! Not sure how some people deal with a summer off and get back into it in the fall...
I'm so damn looking forward to some wonderful things, namely seeing the Black Keys in concert! That is by far a summer highlight indeed :D Of course that, and wearing pretty much anything in my closet. ANYTHING!
I'm already dusting off my hats ;)


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bargain Leather!

Along with my fab leopard/tiger print lace up booties, I was dying to rock this skirt I got about a year ago from a thrift shop for 4 bucks! Real leather, kinda heavy, lined but smokin'!
Unfortunately I was gonna wear the skirt again, and the back zipper is starting to separate (which I tried to McGiver, but it didn't work..). I guess I'll actually hafto take it to be fixed, and even still the total cost of the skirt is still damn cheap! Aside from the fact that everything is so inexpensive, why do people have such reservations about used clothing? I mean, if you find good quality items all you hafto do is wash it! It takes time and patience to actually spend the time in one and find some good pieces and sometimes you'll be unsuccessful... and sometimes you find something awesome!

The weather is starting to really warm up and this means I can stop layering and walking around like a sausage. Can't wait to wear my oxfords!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Green beer anyone?

Monday, February 28, 2011


There's no denying that Lady Gaga is a huge inspiration for many people, mainly her fans. While I like some of her songs, I don't consider myself a solid Gaga Fan or supporter. Upon hearing this song I thought the lyrics were fantastic and I must say I really get that love for every single one of us, despite our differences inside or out. It's an amazing message that I totally I hope gets carried out to the people who have their insecurities about others and even themselves. We were born the people we are, and we shouldn't change for anyone.

So anyways, this is my acoustic rendition! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2nd Guessing

Ever plan on something or start thinking, and almost immediately you start questioning yourself or try to talk yourself out of it?

Nobody wants to make a mistake, or even take a risk this days but to be honest its the ones who have who get so much more in life or to say.

I believe I'm a risk taker, but I also think I should go out on a limb a little more. I think I'm the only person who holds myself back from anything, and if there's something that I can change about myself it is just that.

I'm a go-getter, so imma go'N'get.



Go away, Winter.


Too early for a bit of leg? Totally, but I'm dying for this winter wonderland to take a hike and warmth to roll in. Is my superintendent deliberately turning down the heat?! It's -15 degrees outside and I'd say about 0 inside. Not cool, lady!

I'm currently awaiting this Lawrence Kazar jacket from Ebay, and it's about the 2nd time this lady has had to send it to me since being returned to her. Either sender incompetence, or post office incompetence. I want my jacket! Unfortunately, no amount of kicking or screaming will get me such thing. Only patience.

Still waiting........

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Girls Night.


Not letting a bit of snowfall get in the way of a fun girl's night out! I still can't wait for warmer weather though... it's awfully constricting having to layer up on nights out grrr...

Friday, January 7, 2011


It can be tiresome to try on different outfits just to see what you can do with that shirt you've never really worn, those shorts with the tags still on, or those pair of harem pants that you just haven't had the right occasion to show off. But sometimes getting it on paper looks a whole lot different, and sometimes when laying down colour, it's an easier way to see what works and what doesn't. My sketch isn't necessarily for what I have in my closet, but something I want! A Laurence Kazar multicoloured sequined jacket. Laurence Kazar specialized mainly in womens clothing and his vintage pieces consist of mostly sequin and beading. The only way to show this detail is when I can show a picture first-hand (which I intend to do... soon!) Isn't it amazing how we can take a vintage piece, pair it with today's fashion and create to-die-for looks?

Thursday, January 6, 2011



Who doesn't love looking forward to florals, sunshine, colour and albeit tons of rain? How fair is that when you have 3 months left of winter in a place where snow actually sticks to the ground and your city becomes practically barren outside work hours?
Since I'm looking forward to the aforementioned warmer things, I can't help but put some Spring in my step style! I'll be honest, a grande of Starbucks Pike Place may have something to do with my feeling less chilly, too :)

Hope you all are keeping warm somehow!


Anyone in fashion blogging has been on and is probably a fan of The Sartorialist. He is an amazing vision seeker of fashion and human form. He sees detail in the simplest of style, as well as picking up on trends, quality, fashion muses and all from everywhere in the world. You must see this to get a better idea.
So inspired!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011



At the start of a new year we all look back at what we've accomplished in the past one; how we've learned, lived, loved and perhaps lost. In retrospect, all these things make for a stronger and bolder year ahead for myself and daughter. I have loved and lost with no regret. I'm sure we have all been in that situation before and it hurts. But loving and losing the same person over and over? It takes guts to get out of that and say I'm worth more than that, and that other person needs some serious mental assessments :) 2011 has already started off with a bit of the crazies, but I hope this makes way for my return to my blog and all other things me.

We can't forget who we are, or get lost in other people.

On other notes, going to school for business marketing is a huge leap from my creative days! I'm looking forward to exploring a new field as well as making new acquaintances :)

Happy 2011 Everyone!