Friday, January 7, 2011


It can be tiresome to try on different outfits just to see what you can do with that shirt you've never really worn, those shorts with the tags still on, or those pair of harem pants that you just haven't had the right occasion to show off. But sometimes getting it on paper looks a whole lot different, and sometimes when laying down colour, it's an easier way to see what works and what doesn't. My sketch isn't necessarily for what I have in my closet, but something I want! A Laurence Kazar multicoloured sequined jacket. Laurence Kazar specialized mainly in womens clothing and his vintage pieces consist of mostly sequin and beading. The only way to show this detail is when I can show a picture first-hand (which I intend to do... soon!) Isn't it amazing how we can take a vintage piece, pair it with today's fashion and create to-die-for looks?

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