Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shoe Vixen: LumeDisco

Ever met someone with the most incredible shoe inventory? This girl who hails from Germany has just that and not only are they incredible... she's reinvented all the greatest styles by reupholstering, painting and overall customizing them. My fave? These platform sandals which were once completely that brown leather. This is utterly imaginative, funky and HOT!!!

You can find her HERE.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Wanna Make It

Too bad I don't get HBO, which is better than prime time television by far! How To Make It In America is my new favourite show and lucky for me is available streaming online, but for how long? And when is there going to be a second season?? If you or anyone you know knows the the answer to this, please inform me. This awesome track (with an even awesomer soundtrack per episode) is Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar. I wanna go to NYC! But I'll need several dollars for that one! Sponsors anyone?

Gettin' there...

Made Style Council on Chictopia so thanks to those who check out Chicblog and Bloggy :) I love being able to share these ideas, along with the other fashionistas! Fashion and social media has come such a long way... you'd think being bombarded with ideas and things being copied, reinvented or "reimagined" that there wouldn't be any more appeal... Totally not the case! It's about making yourself happy with what works for and speaks to you :) Plus, lookin cute ain't such a bad bonus :P


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Carrie Shoe Snag

If anyone has seen SATC2, then they must be completely aware of Carrie's La Loca Brian Atwood pumps! I got them at a steal on for, oh let's say 4% of the price of the actual designer pair! And they are exquisite... divine... georgeous... and comfy! I honestly did not care if they came in the mail and were a pain to walk around in, cause let's face it... for the right pair we'll sacrifice our feet for a night :)

So I put together a few looks, but first and foremost, my take on the
Carrie ensemble from the flick!

My 70's ensemble, complete with gold snake arm cuff, lace tee and wide legs trousers.

Aaaaaand a tad frenchie. Simple and sexy (minus my geektastic behaviour!)



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I was playin around and decided to bring it back a few years. I can't imagine how far Aaliyah would've gone
in Hip Hop/R&B had she not been taken away. I think "Are You That Somebody" was a pivotal moment in her career
and putting promiscuity into question. Timbaland, in his better days, was awesome then. Now I can't stand
his infectious unoriginal crap, but there was a time when he was real good. Anyhoo, this song takes me back before
high school... I can remember amongst al my collection of Seventeen magazines there was one with Aaliyah on the
cover in a yellow top and baggy jeans with her boxers waistband showing.
One thing is for sure, she rocked that style!

vintage vibe


Voila! So I'm very pleased with my little vintage purchase and even more pleased that I was able to find one of my own belts to go with it. What I love, though, is depending on my shoes, I could use a white belt to liven up the peachy colour of the dress. This style of dress, with the batwing short sleeve, is uber comfy. It's gonna be hard to resist finding more of these!

Monday, June 14, 2010

smurfin around


Loving this humid weather, and as much as it awakens the beast that is my hair, it's kinda changed it up a bit. At least, that's my only explanation... I've been asked if I permed it a half a dozen times already. I just hope that's a compliment! I'm used to it, and I'm pretty sure a bird could build its nest in there and I wouldn't have a clue. Just doing my part for the environment.

Call me crazy, but I want this skeleton in my closet

DSQUARED2 Fall/Winter 2010

I want. I. Want.

Noir Ohio Vintage

I'm pretty sure the majority of us dread Mondays as it sometimes feels like the longest day of the week. Well 'lo and behold, to my surprise, my winning eBay purchase (which I'm pretty sure I'd mentioned before) has arrived today making my Monday pretty damn groovy :) It's an 80's peach & white vintage sundress with an elastic waist full skirt, pockets on each side and buttons down the batwing chest. Ooh! And padded shoulders. Now my mission is to find the perfect belt for it (if not in my closet, then an excuse to go prowling at the mall!).
The pictures of it are below!

BTW, the countdown to Topshop begins now. T-Minus 6 days...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

more sun in the fun

Went to the park with my little angel and decided to bring the cam along, again. Despite what it looks like in the pictures, it was quite busy. People were playing catch, soccer, working out or just soaking up the sun. While she was busy blowing bubbles, I decided to pick some fairly decent flowers (read: weeds) and make a bracelet. I just loved the contrast of this dainty little hand crafted wrist adornment against the straight and jaggedy wood chips on the playground, and she loved mommy's creation. In fact, it held up for a lot longer than I expected. It was super cute how dirty she got by the end of our park visit :) And how adorable are the Havaiannas she's sporting?!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 way black


I decided to do something simple and just pair these cropped leggings differently to see the various looks one could experiment with. These 3 are along the lines of sport, chic and country. First off, a sport look (unless actually playing a sport) doesn't necessarily have to involve runners. The sneaker wedges may have been a fashion faux pas, but to pair activewear with heels is not that bad when paired right. The sexy chic ensemble is sleek and minimal colour so it draws more attention to details or features. In this case, it's a striped black and white cardigan and a belly ring. Lastly, country can be defined by image or texture. In this case it's a straw hat, flower petal details shoes and plaid shirt. Quite simple with really getting the idea.

Alright. I haven't been as well behaved as I wanted. I caved and in turn, my weakness turned in to 3 clicks and a confirmation of purchase. I believe its a Carrie SATC2 Brian Atwood replica. STEAL!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Nailin it, again.

Excuse the chipped polish. These are the last couple designs I've been rocking. I love love this bronze glitter nail art polish! Adds a nice effect, and not too bright for glitter. I'm going to try and do something interesting soon, but unfortunately I'll only be able to do the left hand if it gets to detailed. I already struggle doing these designs on my right hand since I'm not ambidextrous. Anyhoo, just thought I'd share. In the mood to paint, so I'm loading up on canvasses today. WOOHOO!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

patterned to a pulp


When I first saw this patterned, strapless one-piece, I was more drawn to the design than the actual style. It's very reminiscent of 14th century Indian rug patterns (yes, I look like I'm wearing a carpet pant one-piece... but 'tis quite chic, I think). People tend to overlook patterned clothing because it seems to busy, it's hard to match with or they just don't think they can pull it off without looking like someone went batshit crazy on a canvas and called it art (which I believe still does count as art). Either you go simplistic, little to no jewellry, or you can mix patterns (a la Proenza Schouler or Anna Sui for Spring 2010).