Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 way black


I decided to do something simple and just pair these cropped leggings differently to see the various looks one could experiment with. These 3 are along the lines of sport, chic and country. First off, a sport look (unless actually playing a sport) doesn't necessarily have to involve runners. The sneaker wedges may have been a fashion faux pas, but to pair activewear with heels is not that bad when paired right. The sexy chic ensemble is sleek and minimal colour so it draws more attention to details or features. In this case, it's a striped black and white cardigan and a belly ring. Lastly, country can be defined by image or texture. In this case it's a straw hat, flower petal details shoes and plaid shirt. Quite simple with really getting the idea.

Alright. I haven't been as well behaved as I wanted. I caved and in turn, my weakness turned in to 3 clicks and a confirmation of purchase. I believe its a Carrie SATC2 Brian Atwood replica. STEAL!

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