Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I was playin around and decided to bring it back a few years. I can't imagine how far Aaliyah would've gone
in Hip Hop/R&B had she not been taken away. I think "Are You That Somebody" was a pivotal moment in her career
and putting promiscuity into question. Timbaland, in his better days, was awesome then. Now I can't stand
his infectious unoriginal crap, but there was a time when he was real good. Anyhoo, this song takes me back before
high school... I can remember amongst al my collection of Seventeen magazines there was one with Aaliyah on the
cover in a yellow top and baggy jeans with her boxers waistband showing.
One thing is for sure, she rocked that style!


  1. Woa! I came over from Chictopia and didn't expect a girl with a guitar!! You are so talented and beautiful, and have mad style. I'm now following you!!

  2. Thanks for coming by and the compliment! Much appreciated :) I've checked yours out and following, too!