Monday, July 26, 2010

simplified sultry&sexy


Such an awesome pair of tights that it's actually not that easy to pair anything with it. How often are tights the main attraction? Especially at that height on the leg, the options are pretty much down to (errr... up to?) above the knee/mid-thigh. Short shorts or short dress/skirt? Last time I paired them with my leopard Zara shorts and it worked nicely. This is for a more chic, clean put together look. It would've look fab with stick straight hair but at this point it's a mission and a half. The only colour, which you can't see obv, is the blue accent lines on my platform booties.

Art Exposure

I've never really talked about the artform, nor even talked about the fact that I have any tattoos at that. I love it and what people have done with it (not a big fan of it all for myself, but I do admire those that like to express themselves so freely with body art in general). I prefer more discrete areas of my body for my tattoos and am now running out of places but still have a few more ideas/designs.

Where: Back of the neck.
What: A Jasmine flower and my daughter's name, Aliyah, in cursive hebrew.
Why: My daughter's name is Aliyah Yasmine. Yasmine = Jasmine

Where: Sides of my hip/thighs.
What: Quote,"Laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live."
Why: I believe in laughter as a cure for one's deepest darkest moments and loving all your life will save you from regret. Could be loving yourself or loving another.

Where: Hip/pelvic bone.
What: Simplified Aries ram symbol in between two cursive 4s.
Why: My mother is an Aries and her birthday is April 4th. We both believe 44 is our lucky number. Plus the symbol comes off as a V which is a perfect fit for my name, Valerie.

Where: Lower Back
What: Sun with moon and stars inside.
Why: This represents the balance between day and night. I'm a Libra and all about balance. I like symmetry, equality and stability (emotional, mental etc.).

fast lane


A fairly long time since my last post as life got quite busy for me, but I will not cease to keep this little part of me going. When life hits that fast forward button and things seem to start going all in the right direction, it's a tad difficult to stay in the same routine of things (for me, anyway).

Friday, July 9, 2010

shade parade

eBay done did it to me again. Nothing crazy, but still creepily whispered my name taunting me as I browsed through. And with PayPal, there's hardly any button pushing to complete a transaction and the feeling of remorse is far less when numbers aren't involved hah! I kid, these were such a bargain. I think I had a pair of silver aviators at one point, or maybe not... but I like them. I own a pair of gold Zara aviators that are killer, so (like with most of my gold jewelry) I must have equal in silver. It's not a weird habit or fixation. I'm just a balanced Libra like that. As for the tortoise shell? Wayfarers were already made too cool for school, so oversize 'em and take it up a notch? I think so! Totally unnecessary, but totally worth it and then some.

And just to kill it with love a tad more, I double clicked and landed on these puppies. Original size wayfarer in clear (don't think I'll be putting my prescription in) with yellow and black zebra print sides. Sassy!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

hot hot HEAT!


I think mother nature answered the prayers of everyone complaining about a cold summer... x 10! With the heat reaching 44celsius (w/ humidity) everyone is either seeking refuge in air conditioned facilities or melting outside in the sunny haze while (more than likely) cooling off with a pint or 5. Picking out clothes isn't an issue, it's picking out the least amount without looking like I should be at a beach. One of my saviours? This cute way to sport my old paisley print bandana as a sub for my regular headbands. Keeps the hair out of my face whether I have it up or down. Another get-up-and-go item is a summer dress. This is a one piece with an elastic waist to look like a top and skirt. The wide elastic makes it super comfy, complimenting to the figure and pockets for those who, well, like pockets? Shoes can go from sandals to heels, day to night... whatever the occasion.

Ok. Time to shut down the comp so it doesn't heat up my apt.