Friday, July 9, 2010

shade parade

eBay done did it to me again. Nothing crazy, but still creepily whispered my name taunting me as I browsed through. And with PayPal, there's hardly any button pushing to complete a transaction and the feeling of remorse is far less when numbers aren't involved hah! I kid, these were such a bargain. I think I had a pair of silver aviators at one point, or maybe not... but I like them. I own a pair of gold Zara aviators that are killer, so (like with most of my gold jewelry) I must have equal in silver. It's not a weird habit or fixation. I'm just a balanced Libra like that. As for the tortoise shell? Wayfarers were already made too cool for school, so oversize 'em and take it up a notch? I think so! Totally unnecessary, but totally worth it and then some.

And just to kill it with love a tad more, I double clicked and landed on these puppies. Original size wayfarer in clear (don't think I'll be putting my prescription in) with yellow and black zebra print sides. Sassy!


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