Monday, July 26, 2010

Art Exposure

I've never really talked about the artform, nor even talked about the fact that I have any tattoos at that. I love it and what people have done with it (not a big fan of it all for myself, but I do admire those that like to express themselves so freely with body art in general). I prefer more discrete areas of my body for my tattoos and am now running out of places but still have a few more ideas/designs.

Where: Back of the neck.
What: A Jasmine flower and my daughter's name, Aliyah, in cursive hebrew.
Why: My daughter's name is Aliyah Yasmine. Yasmine = Jasmine

Where: Sides of my hip/thighs.
What: Quote,"Laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live."
Why: I believe in laughter as a cure for one's deepest darkest moments and loving all your life will save you from regret. Could be loving yourself or loving another.

Where: Hip/pelvic bone.
What: Simplified Aries ram symbol in between two cursive 4s.
Why: My mother is an Aries and her birthday is April 4th. We both believe 44 is our lucky number. Plus the symbol comes off as a V which is a perfect fit for my name, Valerie.

Where: Lower Back
What: Sun with moon and stars inside.
Why: This represents the balance between day and night. I'm a Libra and all about balance. I like symmetry, equality and stability (emotional, mental etc.).

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