Thursday, August 26, 2010


What's so great to do on a free evening with a great friend? Eat sushi! Among various other things, of course (including perusing and ultimately giving into the makeup section at Shopper's Drugmart *grrrrr!).

Some things I've noticed eating at many a sushi joints in my lifetime thus far:

1. Soy Sauce dishes should be slightly bigger and/or deeper to avoid spillage or sprayage after droppage.

2. When things like "Dragon Roll" or "Spider Roll" are on the menu, and furthermore arrive looking just like such... expect someone to play with their food. It's almost provoking it, c'mon!

3. Do NOT wear white. If you do, you are either a) brave b) dumb c) both d) a profesh on lunch e) hate that shirt.. or f) wearing someone else's shirt.

4. "All You Can Eat" doesn't mean you should do that. You risk losing all self respect and confidence upon exiting those doors. Sad but true.

5. Red Bean is officially the most underrated and misunderstood ice cream flavours I've come across in my life. No, it's NOT a can of beans dumped onto plain ice cream... you'd hafto be a retárd to consider that one.

6. Be nice to me, or I'll secretly switch that delicious Green Tea scoop with a wad of wasabi without your knowing. Teehee!

P.S. I'm not wearing white. It's peach. Sooooo doesn't count!

I am the walrus, coo coo kachoo!

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