Friday, December 17, 2010

'Tis the season...

I began this blog as an outlet for my inner fashion demons, to showcase personal style, affordable fashion and art/music. All this form of outlet became solely that, which I hadn't realized before. Whether 5 people read it or 1000, I really just want to rant. Be it fashion, be it this crazy world or the fact that I burnt my tongue on a scalding hot coffee... I just want to rant. Why? Because I don't care if you have a Platinum American Express or work 3 jobs to pay for your wardrobe or rent, I don't care if you care what I wore yesterday... point is we can all relate on some level or another.

On that note, here I am. The moment in question.

My rant?

As a student, mother, daughter, sister, lover and friend I have a world of support around me. Trés lucky for it to be so, too! It's tough to be a full-time student, unable to work (full-time, anyhow) and racking up a student loan that seems almost impossible to pay back come the time. How do people do it when there aren't any guarantees in life? I think having the support is the only fight I have against it all, for it gives me the confident energy that "Yes! I can do it!" attitude that people need to persevere. I believe I can do it, too!

But when all of a sudden, the clouds roll in and someone rains on your persevering parade and says, "But this will happen, what will you do? Oh, and this will happen, too... what will you do then?" What do I say to this negative energy? I'm not saying I want to ignore the possible obstacles to come. I'm saying, despite those obstacles, I know what I have to do. I cannot predict the future any more than you can, but there's no sense in being pessimistic about it.

I may not be at the same address in years from now, have the exact same interests or wear the same clothing... but I cannot change myself and if I'm an optimistic person by nature who chooses not to worry for every worry, then THAT'S ME!

Rant. Over.

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