Thursday, April 15, 2010

Art: Fun + Functional (+ DIY)

Every so often I get these bursts of creativity and grab my paint brush. A friend of mine showed me some Dior sketches she found online and really liked and thus became the inspiration for this painting. Take from it what you will, as is the purpose of most art. A painting can say so much with little detail which is the appeal for this medium. She's so chic and imperfect in this picture and style is not about perfection nor dressing to the nines, but how you carry and love yourself.

Okay, so my addiction for the past while has been HGTV (yes, I know, I don't have a life). I have been doing so many little renos (which I'll be posting) at home, and I say little because I live in an apartment and well, I'm probably not even allowed to do half the things I've done! So anyhoo, I was organizing my jewelry and tossing some of the cheapies when I realized how annoying it was keeping my long necklaces in a little container. They would constantly get tangled or I wouldn't see half of them and therefore never wear them. I went online to search for some sort of jewelry organizer and absolutely nothing struck my fancy. There weren't many options for hanging long necklaces other than simply placing hooks on a wall or closet. I yearned for something funky, artsy, cool and perhaps a possible DIY project. This was the outcome, after painting over some small canvases and attaching hooks to them (the wood border).
Easy, very artistic and considering one gets to paint it themselves, quite the personal touch! If you're not very creative, you can still just paint them one solid colour and add a complimentary colour as stripes for a neat effect. If painting a design you could also continue the design to the other canvas(ses) when using 2 or more so as to unify them. Tip: Consider the room's colour scheme before choosing your paint ;)
This project cost me nothing as I had all my supplies lying around, which you can find at a dollar store. All around it's less than $5. Fashion steal!

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  1. Totally loving this idea! Your so damn creative! XoXo