Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Straight + Stunning + Sparkly

A staple for any woman's wardrobe, a fierce blazer or jacket to compliment almost any outfit. This jacket (above) from Topshop albeit is a tad too shiny for the common day wear. What I love the most is the style/cut. The Balmain emulated shoulders gives it a straight and very sophisticated and sexy look. I'd say this could flatter any girl (unless you have no neck and get lost between the shoulders! <0_o>). Since I couldn't justify buying the jacket (at the time of saving the picture to my desktop first *what a nerd!*) and Topshop wasn't delivering to Canada yet, I got this super cute Moroder Shoulder Jacket (below) from NastyGal. I'd say it's a far off substitute, but lucky for us the fashion world is full of them!

I'll take one of each please! Nevermind those prices hah!


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