Sunday, May 23, 2010

back for good


I can't believe I've been slacking in posts, but I've been either not feeling quite myself or just busy, as life tends to get. Anyways, I'm hoping I don't have another hiatus quite like that again. Had a nice little get-together with the girls downtown :) Luckily, the weather is more springlike these days and I didn't regret wearing shorts. I also thought the outfit, with the long sleeved shirt, was a way of toning down the girl girl and making it more casual... not to mention its super thin material and is so comfy! Well, I look forward to more posts this week and sharing some of what I like to do, including some more art, design and maybe some music. :)



  1. In the first picture, is that a top and something covering your shoulders? or is it all together? like one piece? Also where did you get the long sleeve shirt from?

  2. i looooove those shoes! where are they from? with such a high wedge, are they comfy?