Tuesday, May 11, 2010

inhale, exhale

Shoes have come a long way and throughout history became more than just used for function and protection. If you've ever heard of The Bata Shoe Museum (which I'm lucky it's here in Toronto) you can physically see the evolution of footwear from all corners of the earth. From foot binding in China to foot-high platform sandals in the Middle East, today's catwalk really has nothing on the past (though we do "borrow" a thing or two). The more extreme the shoe, the higher the class you were in some cultures. Now, a lot of styles as it was before, are so sought after... not because of class necessarily (anyone can give up rent for a pair of Louboutins-not me)... but because we are still so enchanted and enthralled by the design of an article of clothing simply adorning our feet. Is that a funny part of the evolution of mankind? We went from creating/designing the most useful of inventions to making pretty shoes. To those who really appreciate it, it honestly makes us happy. Just ask Amel DeMarco!

Anyhoo, I want these Balenciaga Mary Janes. 'Nuff Said.
(Fall 2006, I believe, but on fire!)

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