Thursday, May 6, 2010

subtle signs


I've come to the conclusion that I actually enjoy cheesy movies. I just saw "The Losers" and I thought it was fun, funny and full of action! Sure, the dialogue was over the top cheesy at some parts and certain scenes were just plain awkward... but I'm not that picky about a movie that's meant to poke fun. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (aka Denny from Grey's Anatomy) is the lead hunk. I wasn't a fan of Grey's nor Mr. Dean.... but I think I just jumped on that wagon!

So I actually wore my metallic ankle strap sandals with these pants (which looked awesome overlapping them with the zipper), but I thought these dressed them up a bit, too. That's a bit of a challenge for plaid pants I'd think. Then again, most people wouldn't opt to even own plaid pants. I say they are one of my most favourite Zara item :) And that's probably because they were practically a steal! (oh you gotta love sales*sigh*)

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