Thursday, May 6, 2010

it's in the bag, baby

I'm sure in anyone's purse or makeup bag, they usually have cosmetic staples or brands that they tend to adhere to. Not all makeup was created equally and the same goes for our skin types. One brand of foundation or blush will have a different affect or look on two people, thus everyone's makeup bag is different. I decided to go through my cosmetic staples, as I sometimes get compliments on them. These are products that I am firmly devoted to and stand by :)
Burberry Brit: It's amazing how many time's I get a compliment from a stranger when I'm wearing this. Now I have a whole shelf full of different perfumes, but this one is simply the most attention getting... Burberry must be onto something! (Perhaps this is the ideal date perfume ;P)

Physician's Formula Bronzer: I'm not very much into coloured blushes, though I will experiment every so often. I prefer to have a golden glow, and this very bronzer is hypo-allergenic (as my skin can be sensitive to those hefty oil-based, synthetic and chemical-filled products). Because it's not a coloured blush, it's also amazing at sculpting the facial structure i.e. highlighting cheekbones, contouring the nose etc. Almay Clear Complexion Foundation: Ok, this is done before the bronzer of course to begin your makeup routine with a fresh "clear pallet" (as makeup artist, Carmindy, from "What Not To Wear" says). This is especially made for those with sensitive skin as it has salicylic acid in it and actually HELPS to clear blemishes WHILE it hides them. Of course, it's also hypo-allergenic and oil-free. Lifesaver no. 1.
I have to say that these 2 Mascaras are tied for 1st. Now, I don't have the most amazing eyelashes in the world which is why I enlist the help of these 2. Depending on the look I want, these work fabulously. Smashbox Lash DNA: For that thicker fuller appearance, my eyelashes look like they are on steroids with this mascara. The box even has instructions how to apply it to get the fullest effect. CoverGirl Last Blast: There is no denying that this brush works wonders. I find that with this one, it lengthens my lashes and separates them, so even though they don't appear thicker, they look fuller in a natural way!
Sephora Eyelash Curler: It's a simple and does the job. I've never tried the hairdryer trick to getting my eyelashes really curled, but what I do is I let the mascara dry a bit and I curl them again. Doing this over the mascara sort of molds them upright. I'm sure this is really dangerous, because your lashes may stick to the curler. This is why I make sure my curler is clean, and I unclamp and remove very slowly. Maybelline Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner: I could go waterproof or not, but if you've ever had an eyelash in your eye or had a rough night and resort to rubbing, you might wanna go waterproof. It's also great against romantic comedies that I'm too much of a sap NOT to cry! The foam tip is amazing and I know because I've tested the market of liquid eyeliners and ALWAYS came back to this one. Unfortunately, I'm not the only who thinks so... so it's best to stock up. They are often sold out.

Aaaaaand this was my little beauty buzz. Yes, it sounded like a lot, but the whole process is really nothing and best of all, very natural! I do love me some colour and funky makeup, but these are the products that I love and work well.
Happy Thursday all! xoxo

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