Tuesday, May 11, 2010

shiny disco...blazer


The black sequined blazer is almost reminiscent of the black Topshop power shoulder one I posted a little while ago (minus the checkered silver/black pattern... ok and minus the power shoulder... ok maybe they're completely different O_o). If the shoulder's had more room-I'm sure I could make some-I could make a power shoulder in these. A little DIY that most probably could be found online. My skirt, with the exposed zipper down the front, is the most awesome pattern you could find on a skirt (the pictures won't do it justice..). It's little skull/crossbone print, with "paint" splatter print OVER purple+black leopard print. My DIY necklace came from a keychain. I never find a V charm for a necklace anywhere, but this will hold me until I do. Alrighty... enough of this straight hair business. I'm going back to my curls!

May 27th - Sex and the City 2 with my ladies =)

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