Friday, May 7, 2010

look at what I see

There are all kinds of photography... portrait, candid, fashion, advertising, photojournalism, black&white... this can go on forever. But nowadays, we are given everything we need to capture a moment on film (or memory card) with the best possible quality and pixel resolution. This doesn't rule out one's creativity, but as "perfect" as a picture or photo looks, it can lack dimension or character. Like they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words.", and so it is. It was exactly this that drew me to wedding and artistic photographer, Edward Olive. He's from Dublin, Ireland and as you can see from his shots above, he lacks anything BUT character. He uses old cameras and out-of-date film to get the effects in a lot of his work. I purposely chose those pictures because I just love the quality and graininess of them. Of course, his wedding photos include more focused pictures, but pretty much all of them candid, hardly posed. It's a bit hard to tell an emotional story with a simple portrait. His style, not just candid wedding shots, but also artistic and erotica ones as well. Some people don't understand that and would probably think pornographic, but that's hardly it. Art is supposed to create a reaction in people, pure genuine emotion. If you like it or hate it, it's done it's purpose. I think Mr. Olive does a fantastic job at this. If you appreciate this kind of art, check out his work here.

My attempt at creating the vintage vibe. I really need an old camera!

It's the weekend, be safe :) xo