Friday, May 14, 2010

leopard scarf. leopard + scarf. I heart scarf. I heart leopard.

I don't own many animal prints, but out of the ones I do I think I'm attracted to leopard the most. This is probably because it's a smaller busier print. It looks fantastic in all sorts of colours, and it must be said, is one of the sexiest animal prints ever! (I don't see giraffe print lingerie very Of course, I was super happy to find the leopard print scarf at Zara, but even better because it doubled as a plaid print on the other side :) I guess plaid and leopard print oddly go together? Without even thinking about that scarf, I paired my leopard print top with my plaid scarf yesterday... and it worked! It's getting nice out now, so I'm looking forward to accessorizing with my lighter silk scarves.

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